Comal ISD Earns "A" on State Accountability with 97 Distinctions

Aug. 15, 2022 - The Texas Education Agency (TEA) released its 2022 Accountability Ratings today, and the Comal Independent School District earned a grade of “A” with a score of 93 in the state’s A-F accountability system. All 33 of Comal ISD’s campuses received passing grades with 23 earning an “A.”

This score placed Comal ISD among the top school districts in the state with 396 districts out of a total of 1,195 earning an “A.” This overall rating is based on performance in three areas: Student Achievement, in which Comal ISD earned a 92; School Progress, Comal ISD earned a 90; and Closing the Gaps, in which Comal ISD earned a 95.

“We are excited to receive this rating by the TEA,” says Mandy Epley, Comal ISD’s acting superintendent. “This score is to be celebrated collectively by our teachers, administrators, support staff, students and parents. Together, we will continue to work towards helping each student grow academically year after year as we focus on providing opportunities for each student to be successful.”

This is the first accountability rating to be issued by TEA since 2019 due to two years of COVID-related pauses.

In addition to the “A” rating, 26 Comal ISD campuses received at least one Distinction Designation, earning the fast-growth district 97 distinctions overall. This is an increase from 2019 when the district earned 60 distinctions across 22 campuses.

For Comal ISD Board of Trustees President Jason York, the state’s accountability score shows that the district is committed to meeting the needs of every student across its 589 square miles.

“The past three years, since the last rating was given by the TEA in which we also earned an “A,” have not been easy,” York says, “but we have continued to have high expectations and remained focused on what’s important, and that is providing the kids in our schools with the best education we can give them. We are indeed giving them a strong foundation.”

The A-F system uses a variety of indicators such as graduation rates, college, career and military readiness, SAT/ACT scores and college prep course completion. The majority of a district’s rating is based on indicators other than the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test.

Campus Scores

Each campus is also given an A-F score by the TEA. This year, the following Comal ISD campuses earned an “A” rating: Arlon Seay Elementary, Bill Brown Elementary, Garden Ridge Elementary, Goodwin Frazier Elementary, Hoffmann Lane Elementary, Indian Springs Elementary, Johnson Ranch Elementary, Kinder Ranch Elementary, Mountain Valley Elementary, Oak Creek Elementary, Rahe Bulverde Elementary, Rebecca Creek Elementary, Specht Elementary, Timberwood Park Elementary, Mountain Valley Middle, Pieper Ranch Middle, Smithson Valley Middle, Spring Branch Middle, Canyon Lake High, Hill Country College Preparatory High, Memorial Early College High, Smithson Valley High and Comal Academy.

Campuses receiving “B” ratings include Clear Spring Elementary, Morningside Elementary, Startzville Elementary, Canyon Middle, Church Hill Middle, Danville Middle, Canyon High, Davenport High and Pieper High.

Freiheit Elementary received a “C” rating.

Campus Distinctions

Additionally, TEA recognizes campuses which earn “distinctions” in specific areas, and Comal ISD earned a total of 97 distinctions this year. Elementary campuses earn distinctions in six areas: ELA/reading, math, science, academic growth, closing the gaps and postsecondary readiness. Secondary campuses earn distinctions in those same areas plus social studies for a total of seven distinctions.

Three Comal ISD elementary campuses earned all six distinctions this year including Arlon Seay, Mountain Valley and Rahe Bulverde, and one middle school campus, Mountain Valley Middle, earned all seven distinctions.

Additional elementary campuses in district earning distinctions include the following: Garden Ridge Elementary, Oak Creek Elementary and Specht Elementary earned five; Hoffmann Lane Elementary and Johnson Ranch Elementary earned four; Clear Spring Elementary, Goodwin Frazier Elementary, Indian Springs Elementary, Rebecca Creek Elementary and Timberwood Park Elementary earned three; and Bill Brown Elementary, Kinder Ranch Elementary and Morningside Elementary earned one.

Secondary campuses in the district earning distinctions include the following: Canyon Lake High, Hill Country College Preparatory High and Memorial Early College High earned five; Spring Branch Middle earned four; Church Hill Middle, Danville Middle and Davenport High earned three; Pieper High earned two; and Canyon High earned one.

For a closer look at the new ratings, TEA encourages parents, educators and community members to visit to view district and school report cards.



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